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Partner Search: Irina Novozhilova - Ten Dances World Championship finalist
is looking for a Ten Dance partner

 Irina Novozhilova   Irina Novozhilova   Hello! My name is Irina Novozhilova. Currently I am in search for a new dance partner. Below you can read some brief informations about me as well as my expectations for ideal partner. Latest achievements include: -1st place at Fienda open Italian championship, amateur Rising star Standard -1st place German open championship, amateur Rising star Standard -Finalist at UK International championship, amateur under 21 Standard -1st place at Italian national championship, amateur 10 dance -4th place at European championship, amateur 10 dance -4th place at World championship, amateur 10 dance -2nd place at European cup, amateur 10 dance. I am looking for a top level dancer, 180-186 cm tall, 10-dances preferred and financially stable. For more informations please email me now Thank you, Bye bye :)

 welcome to

Irina Novozhilova is available for demonstrations and performances in Vienna

Rumba - 2005 Austrian Open 10 Dance Championship Final:

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