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Wedding party dancing planner:

Bride and Groom's first dance:   best to select a composition of no longer than 2 - 3 minutes per dance, the dance floor should be cleared at least 3 minutes in advance by a polite announcement

Bride's dance with father, Groom's dance with mother:  extended families created from remarried parents for example the step parent's, and natural parents of either family can all dance together.


Guests dancing:   it is good idea to play dance music all night long.

How can you avoid missing the highlight of the evening? You must learn to dance! Take lessons, study a book or a DVD/video, and go out on the dance floor prepared. Learn how to dance in the privacy of your home with dance professionals:


For Ballroom dance Compositions click here: Waltz, Tango, ...

                     Wedding dance of the World Ten Dance Finalist Irina Novozhilova - Bride and Groom's tango - Irina and Alex

For Latin dance Compositions click here: Samba Open Routine

Creative Ways to Celebrate Valentines Day

Try something new and totally different:   take your dance moves from the leaving room to a real ballroom dance floor

Fun and romantic suggestion to create a special Valentine's Day for you and your sweetheart:  take your lady for a dance class at the ballroom dancing school. How about a private dance lesson for the two of you at your home? And if you single, instead of hiding out, attend the dance class, there are classesfor all ages and preferences.

Gift certificates from Ballroom Dance Studio: one such wonderful occasion is when two of your friends get engaged on Valentine's Day. ( if you feel as happy as they do and you want to offer them something they will always remember) A great idea is to give the couple something that can help them during their wedding - to plan Bride + Groom's first dance

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 white wedding gown during tango  first dance as a husband and wife
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Click Here to Buy Valentine's Day Posters!
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